I’m back from Bostwana. While I was gone my book Safari was published, and Marilyn Stasio gave it a good review in the New York Times. Coincidence? You be the judge.
It was a fascinating trip. I’d never seen wild dogs before. They look just like normal dogs, only with big ears. The cubs are very cute, but the dogs are fierce hunters. We tagged along as a pack of wild dogs chased down a herd of impala, preying on the babies. In the course of an hour they brought down seven.

Our tour leader and photographer extraordinaire Grant Atkinson lined up the shots for us, positioning the jeep in exactly the right spot to photograph the animals. He seemed to be able to anticipate where they would go and what they would do. But I think even he was surprised when the nice portrait of a leopard in the grass he had set up suddenly turned into an action shot when a full-grown male reedbuck wandered onto the scene.