Chasing Jack by Parnell Hall Chasing Jack Chasing Jack is what you'll find if you look up "Black Humor" in your Funkin' Wagnalls “The wit is savage, the pace relentless. Parnell Hall, always outstanding, has never been better.
- Lawrence Block
“Pure Parnell Hall - wit, intensity, sharp dialog and vivid characters ... maybe his best yet.”
- Lee Child
“Parnell Hall has long been one of my favorite crime fiction writers. CHASING JACK is his best yet.”
- Harlan Coben
“Parnell Hall, a master of the genre, is on fire in Chasing Jack, a bloody, twisty tale set in the tabloid world of night time Manhattan. Required reading for mystery fans.”
- Reed Farrel Coleman
Bombshell by Stuart Woods and Parnell Halll Bombshell

Murder at the Oscars!

Teddy Fay has to dodge a killer in time to stop a bombing at the Academy Awards
“A fun, exciting story.”
- Publishers Weekly

“The perfect bonbon.”
- Kirkus

“Nonstop action and brisk prose.”
- Booklist
Skin Game by Stuart Woods and Parnell Hall Skin Game Teddy Fay goes undercover in Paris to root out a mole in the C.I.A. and stop an international terrorist scheme. “A galloping good read!”
- Booklist

- Kirkus
Lights! Camera! Puzzles! Lights! Camera! Puzzles! The story of Cora's life is being made into a major motion picture! Unless someone kills the cast and crew. “Halls sly swipes at the movie business
enhance this lively tale that keeps readers
guessing about the culprit to the end.
-Publishers Weekly
A Fool For a Client by Parnell Hall A Fool for a Client A sensational murder trial! A young woman found naked and stabbed to death in her apartment! It's the type of case that should be perfect for Stanley Hastings. Instead, it's his nightmare. The woman was the girlfriend of his boss, Richard Rosenberg, and the hotshot lawyer is charged with killing her! “A Fool for a Client is one of Hall’s best … Hall handles
comic dialogue as well as any in crime fiction, and
while Stanley gets the brunt of most of it, he usually
manages to solve the crime before anyone else.”
— Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine
The Money Shot - Stuart Woods and Parnell Hall The Money Shot
NOW IN PAPERBACK! Teddy Fay wants to help a young actress who's being blackmailed, and foil the hostile takeover of a movie studio. If only everyone he met weren't trying to kill him.

"A perfect airplane read the next time
you're jetting to La-La Land."
- Kirkus Reviews

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I was recently interviewed for Mystery Tribune. It was a live interview for video, so they clearly didn’t know what they were getting into.

Ehsan Ehsani has put the interview online in the hope of launching a project at Mystery Tribune to create a verbal history of our community via conversation with longtime and influencing voices in mystery. Apparently he couldn’t find any, so he asked me.

About Parnell Hall

For a man who’s written over 50 books, Parnell has had a number of other careers. As an actor, he performed in summer stock, regional theatre, and touring companies, as well as appearing in the movies Hercules in New York with Arnold Schwarzenegger and A New Leaf with Elaine May and Walter Matthau. Read more…

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