Steve Winslow Mysteries & Legal Thrillers

“Truly outrageous legal high jinks overlaying an original plot concept—plus, Winslow is fun to be around.” -Kirkus Reviews

The Innocent Woman - A Steve Winslow Mystery by Parnell Hall


Steve Winslow didn’t understand. The young woman’s court appointed attorney didn’t cost her anything, the guy had just plea-bargained her petty-theft charge down to a suspended sentence with no time served and no fine, so why was she trying to fire him and hire Steve? 
It was a great deal, except for one thing. 
She happened to be innocent.

Bad luck for Steve. He has no trouble getting the young woman off for petty-theft, but things get a little stickier when she’s rearrested for murder. He and his secretary wind up on the hook as accessories!

“In his ability to channel Erle Stanley Gardner, Parnell Hall stands alone … one of the funniest and most unorthodox jury selections in fictional annals … purely entertaining witness-stand give-and take.”
— Jon L. Breen, Mystery Scene Magazine

THE WRONG GUN - A Steve Winslow Mystery by Parnell Hall


When a revolver once owned by wild west outlaw Pistol Pete Robbins is stolen and a replica left in its place, wealthy gun collector Russ Timberlaine is afraid someone will commit a murder with it in order to frame him for the crime. Steve Winslow substitutes a third gun in its place. When the murder takes place, guess which gun did it!

“The realistic courtroom scenes crackle.”
Publisher’s Weekly

“…a fast and entertaining read.”
Mystery News

“The trial is a dandy… the ultimate Perry Mason pastiche.”
– John L. Breen – Novel Verdicts

THE NAKED TYPIST - A Steve Winslow Mystery by Parnell Hall


When Steve Winslow helps a young secretary bring a wrongful termination suit against her former employer, it’s not a particularly interesting case, except for the fact she was hired to type in the nude. That and the fact she doesn’t stick around to pick up her settlement check, and turns out to have given a phony name.

“A courtroom drama to stand with the best of them.”
Philadelphia Inquirer

“Delightfully devastating.”
Los Angeles Daily News

“…zany courtroom caper…fast and funny…the pace is relentless.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Courtroom scenes are brilliant… The clever plot outstrips the competition.”
Drood Review

The Underground Man - A Steve Winslow Mystery by Parnell Hall


When a homeless man’s greedy relatives get him committed, Steve has to prove a multimillionaire who sold his mansion and went to live in the subway is sane. Then he has to prove who killed him.

“Highly entertaining courtroom drama.”
Publishers Weekly

“…remindful of Perry Mason at his best.”
Abilene Reporter News

“…in a class with the very best writers of the mystery genre, including Agatha Christie herself.”
Macon Telegraph and News

”…explosive, suspenseful and filled with wonderfully witty legal repartee.”
L.A. Daily News

“…twists, turns and laughs—expertly woven into an enjoyable thriller.”
The Washington Times

THE ANONYMOUS CLIENT - A Steve Winslow Mystery by Parnell Hall


What young attorney wouldn’t be delighted to get a $10,000 cash retainer in the mail? Steve Winslow might have been if he knew who sent it. As it is, it gets him arrested for murder, grilled by the cops, and hauled before the grand jury. And he still doesn’t know who his client is.

“Amusing, breezy, and, again, the trial sequence is flashy and great fun.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Another winner from the author of The Baxter Trust.”
Library Journal

“Hitting the bulls eye in the sequel to The Baxter Trust… Told almost entirely in witty, personalizing dialogue.”
Publishers Weekly

“The dialogue here is sharp and rapid-fire. In the top echelon of mysteries.”
The Macon Beacon

THE BAXTER TRUST - A Steve Winslow Mystery by Parnell Hall


Sexy young Sheila Benton loses a multi-million dollar trust if she’s involved in any scandal, so it probably would have been wiser not to do drugs, run around with a married man, and find a dead blackmailer on her kitchen floor. Defending her from a murder charge is a tough first case for attorney Steve Winslow, particularly since her trustee won’t pay him, and he can’t afford to quit his day job, driving a cab.

“The best courtroom dialogue put down in a very long time… [The] scenes out of court are good, but those taking place in court are superb.”
– Phil Thomas, Associated Press

“Truly outrageous legal high jinks overlaying an original plot concept–plus, Winslow is fun to be around.”
Kirkus Reviews

“A winning tale of intrigue with a smash ending.”
United Press International

The Witness Cat - A Steve Winslow Mystery by Parnell Hall

The Witness Cat (Short Story)

A Steve Winslow short story: It’s a lose-lose situation when Steve Winslow is assigned a court-appointed case defending a caretaker accused of killing his employer. Not only is Steve not getting paid, but if he doesn’t get his client off, he’ll be stuck taking care of the man’s cat.