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St. Martin's Minotaur,
January, 2011
ISBN13:978-0312612191, $24.99/US

Can Cora Catch a KenKen® Killer?

Bad news for the Puzzle Lady! Her least favorite ex-husband, Melvin, is suing her for annulment, the creep has a twenty year old bimbo in tow, he's making a play for Cora's attractive young lawyer, Becky Baldwin, and the only thing keeping him from winning the alimony hearing is someone is bumping off his witnesses and leaving KenKen® puzzles on the bodies. Someone is framing Melvin for murder, and the Puzzle Lady is the only one who can save him. But does she want to?

KenKen® puzzles and crosswords included!

"...offbeat heroine, entertaining banter, well-constructed mystery. Each Puzzle Lady novel can be read as a stand-alone, too, and so can be recommended to puzzle-minded readers who've never heard of Cora Felton. " - Booklist

"Feisty Cora is at the top of her game in this latest entry, which includes puzzles for the reader. " - Kirkus

"Hall's crisp wit makes this another far-fetched funfest for puzzle mystery fans."- Publishers Weekly

"Groucho Marx meets Jessica Fletcher!" - Romantic Times

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Pegasus Books,
July 2010,

ISBN 9781605981048 , $25.00/US

Stanley's back!

After working for a Hitman, Stanley needed a break, so the sexy young mother who wanted to find out why her teenage daughter was skipping school seemed like just what the doctor ordered. Piece of cake, right? I'll give you a hint. The book's called Caper.

“(Caper) is typical of the series: charming, funny and cleverly plotted. Stanley is the living embodiment of the old Rodney Dangerfield punch line: "I don't get no respect." His boss thinks he's a goof, his wife disregards him, and hisNYPD connection addresses him as a "moron." Readers just root for him. Engaging reading.. - Booklist

"What Mr. Hall does to the private eye formula is very funny, but it is not frivolous. His puzzles, for all their manic nonsense, are fiendish constructions of sound logic." - New York Times

"Like Agatha Christie ... Hall knows how to plant clues and red herrings. Only he's a lot funnier." - Denver Post & Rocky Mountain News

"First-class fun from start to finish." - Booklist

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